Hiring Part-Time Evening Help

Howdy, Brazos WiFi is hiring 1 (or possibly 2 people to share this role) for a 4-8PM, Monday-Friday and 11-3 on Saturday CSR position. We don’t get a lot of calls or e-mails outside of ourRead More...
By : Jim Bouse | Sep 13, 2021

Late Summer 2021 Fiber Expansion Update

Howdy Folks, Today, we lit up gigabit internet to more than a hundred additional households in rural Brazos County. Field Creek Estates and Steep Hollow Circle have now lightning fast internet and can say goodbye toRead More...
By : Jim Bouse | Aug 30, 2021

Billing Changes for 2021

Starting with the January 1st billing cycle, we will use a new billing system. Our old billing system (FreshBooks) is retiring the platform we use and their new platform is incompatible with our needs. We haveRead More...
By : Jim Bouse | Dec 10, 2020

COVID-19 Update

Howdy Folks, As if May 1st, we are resuming regular operations. If you have questions, please contact the office at 979-999-7000. Thanks, Jim
By : Jim Bouse | May 22, 2020

2020-3-24 Fiber Cut & Repair

Today, around 3PM, some contractors accidentally damaged our fiber feeding about 10% of our customer base. Normally, this would mean a very long outage while the damage was located and repaired. Luckily, a *NEW* fiber lineRead More...
By : Jim Bouse | Mar 25, 2020
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