Standard Installation Rates (subject to discounts and promotions):
Fiber: $500 up to 250ft.  After 250ft, $2/ft.  Standard install on side of structure and up to 300ft of network cabling to customer demarc location.
Wireless: $250.  Standard install with a J-Arm and up to 300ft of cable.

Monthly Rates:
Wireless Z1 Home 1 (2mbps/1mbps): $36
Wireless Z1 Home 2 (5mbps/2mbps): $72
Wireless Z1 Home 3: (10mbps/5mbps): $108

Wireless Z3 Home 1 (5mbps/2mbps): $36
Wireless Z3 Home 2 (10mbps/5mbps): $72
Wireless Z3 Home 3: (20mbps/10mbps): $108

Wireless 75 (75mbps/25mbps): $75/mo

Fiber 10 (10mbps/5mbps): $40
Fiber 100 (100mbps/25mbps): $75
Fiber MAX (1000mbps/250mbps): $75