Our digital telephone, also known as VoIP, offers a low cost way to provide a standard telephone service via our fiber or wireless home internet service.

How does it work?
VoIP telephone services work over the internet services you already have in your home.  We install a small ATA (analog telephone adapter) box in your house to convert your regular telephone to an internet enabled telephone.

Once the ATA is installed, we provision the ATA with your new or existing phone number.

Moving your existing number to our service (porting your number)
To move your existing phone number into our phone system, there is a process called porting that has to happen.  To port your number in, we need a copy of the current phone bill and a filled out LOA form to be sent in.

We send the current bill and the LOA to the upstream carrier which then authorizes us to move your phone number over to our VoIP service.

The porting process usually takes 5-7 days.  Occasionally, the process can take much longer.

Please contact us if you want to save money on your residential phone service.